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Loose Wheel Nut Indicator
Purchased by Major North American Fleets for 18 Years

  • Simple and effective
  • Highly visible
  • Inexpensive

Because You Could Lose More Than a Wheel

Wheel-Check loose nut indicator productTruck wheel detachment in North America has become a major problem causing a large number of very serious accidents, some even resulting in the unfortunate and tragic loss of life. Wheel-Check® is a simple and effective product made in North America. With just a visual inspection, it will let you know if a nut has backed off.

Brake or Bearing Problems

Wheel-Checks are also heat sensitive. If there is a binding brake or seized bearing, the heat is transferred through the stud and nut. If this temperature exceeds 120º C (248º F), the Wheel-Check® will start to blister around the circumference and eventually start to distort. The driver will be required to go to maintenance and have a thorough assessment on the problem wheel.

High temperature and custom colors available.

Show Your Visual Commitment to Safety!!!

Commit to safe, smart transportation

with Wheel-Check Loose Wheel Nut Indicators

In twenty five years in the transportation industry, I have never seen a product quite like this. I must vote Wheel-Check® the best "widget" yet. In August of this year I started to install, test and take a serious look at the costs and benefits of the Wheel-Check® indicators. Air Liquide

We heartily recommend Wheel-Check to any trucker as a cost effective safety precaution that can mitigate the problem of wheels coming loose. -J.W. BAUGHAN LIMITED

Just a short note to thank you for demonstrating the benefits of Wheel-Checks. As you know we were re-torquing the wheels on our round forest products fleet every week. With your product installed, we have eliminated the need to perform this every week. There will be significant savings in time and money for this company with the use of your products. -Stonewood Transport


10 Reasons to Use Wheel-Check

  1. Provides a simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel torque in seconds.
  2. Reduce your risk of wheel detachment accidents. (Protect the public, help prevent property and load damage).
  3. Lower your maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary re-torquing.
  4. Quickly identify a hot wheel possibly caused by bearing failure or brake drag.
  5. Decrease equipment downtime.
  6. Facilitates official roadside inspections.
  7. Clearly visible at night and in bad weather (rain, snow, muddy conditions).
  8. Easy to install.
  9. Cost only a few dollars per wheel.
  10. Pays for itself in just one unnecessary re-torque procedure.